Alicia Gordon Award
for Word Artistry in Translation

This award has been established in memory of Alicia Gordon, known for creating imaginative solutions to knotty translation problems based on rigorous research. The award was established by Alicia's sister, Dr. Jane Gordon

.$250 and a certificate of recognition. The award will be announced at ATA's Annual Conference.

.· Applicants must be ATA members in good standing.
.· The translation that, in the opinion of the judges, demonstrates the highest level of artistry in translation will receive the award.
.· Former Alicia Gordon Award recipients are excluded from subsequent cycles.

Submission Guidelines:
.1) Translation of up to 750 words between (to or from) English and Spanish or French in any subject matter field will be considered.
.2) Only one submission per applicant will be accepted. Submission of more than one translation will result in disqualification of the applicant.
.3) The submission must be a translation from an original work. Translations of translations will not be accepted.
.4) The translation must have been done by an individual (no group efforts).
.5) If the translation was done as a work for hire, the party that contracted for the translation must consent in writing to its submission for the award.
.6) By submitting a translation for consideration, the applicant expressly agrees to comply with these guidelines.
Application Process

A completed application consists of:
.a) Translation of up to 750 words (to or from) English and Spanish or French; and
b) Source text.

Send application to:
.Alicia Gordon Award for Word Artistry in Translation
Kelli C. Baxter
225 Reinekers Lane, Suite 590
Alexandria, VA 22314

Phone: +1-703-683-6100,
ext. 3006
.Fax: +1-703-683-6122

Translation and source text must be submitted electronically to:

Deadline: Applications must be received by July 31, 2023. (Candidates are encouraged to submit nominations early.)

Applications may be submitted by the translators themselves or by others on their behalf.

The decision of the judges is final.

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